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Can matlab work with rosetta?

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A C on 5 May 2022
Can matlab work with rosetta? I am trying to download pyrosetta which is coding with python. Is there matlab app that is equivalent to PyRosetta? Rosetta is a program: Structures of proteins and protein complexes help explain biomolecular function

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Andreas Apostolatos
Andreas Apostolatos on 5 May 2022
MATLAB interfaces smoothly to Python, see the following documentation page,
Given that PyRosetta can be installed using a Python version that is compatible with a MATLAB release, then you can call MATLAB functions from it. Just take a note the compatibility of Python with MATLAB accross different releases,
MATLAB has different software solutions for the simulation and analysis of biological processes, see the following links,
There are also books regarding molecular modeling and simulation with MATLAB, see the following link for instance,
I hope this information helps.
Kind regards,

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