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External Mode running over CAN

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Alison Souza
Alison Souza on 3 May 2022
Answered: Varun on 25 Jan 2024
Hi everyone!
I'm actually trying to use the External Mode simulation in Simulink.
Is this a way to run the External Mode over CAN? Can I use a Peak CAN device to connect to my target Hardware?
I really appreciate any help in this topic.

Answers (1)

Varun on 25 Jan 2024
Hi Alison,
Looks like you want to use External Mode simulation in Simulink via CAN communication interface.
You can refer to the following MATLAB Answers post provided by MathWorks Support Team in which they have explained running TI C2000 model in external mode via two communication interfaces i.e., serial and CAN.
You can use the Classic External Mode over CAN that makes use of the CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) to monitor signals and tune parameters in the application code running on the target device. Please refer to the post below:
“Overview: Executing TI C2000 Simulink Models in External Mode”:
To learn about using Peak CAN device to connect target Hardware, please refer to following file exchange example provided by MathWorks Vehicle Network Toolbox Team:
Hope it helps.


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