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Login information is not saved error on MacBook Pro

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MATLABConnector is giving the error "Login information cannot be saved". Due to this, I have to enter my credentials everytime I start my laptop. I see that there is an key saved for the Matlab in the keychain but I am not sure why it is not used.

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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess on 18 Jul 2022
From your mention of the keychain, I'm guessing you're on macOS? If you shut down MATLABConnector and kill any running MathWorksServiceHost processes from Activity Monitor, and then remove the MathWorks key that you're seeing in the keychain, as well as deleting the ~/Library/Application\ Support/MathWorks/credentials directory, and then restart MATLABConnector, it will hopefully be able to correctly persist your credentials for future use.


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