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Ever since I discovered Live Editor Scripts, I use them all the time. It is an excellent feature to correctly document a project. Currently it is not possible to define classes in a Live Editor script. Is this functionality under consideration for a future release?
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Matt J
Matt J on 25 Apr 2022
It would be nice to be able to define classes even in conventional scripts, or other local scopes like functions. I suspect it would be inefficient though. You would need to reinitialize the class every time that local scope was entered.

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Prasanna Konyala
Prasanna Konyala on 27 Apr 2022
Hi Camilo
Currently we are not supporting classes in Live Editor. Our developers are aware of this and it might be considered for a future release.
In addition, you can always define classes in normal ".m" files and then use the classes in live scripts or functions.
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Camilo Andres Manrique Escobar
Sure, a class can be defined on a classic .m file. However, the idea is to document, for example, the methods of such a class with the Live Editor's features. I hope it becomes an option on a future release.

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