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Hello guys, I have an assignment regarding battery pack. Its a simple battery pack which shoul have 144v rated voltage. one cell gives 3.6v so i figured i need 40 cells in series to get 144V. I made the simulink model of 40 cells. After completing the model, I tried to simulate it and I'm getting 72v on display. I can't figure out why?
any help would be appreciated.

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Prasanna Konyala
Prasanna Konyala on 26 Apr 2022
Edited: Prasanna Konyala on 26 Apr 2022
Hi Irfan
From my understanding, you want to connect all the cells (40) in series to get 144v.
But I don’t think all of them are in series. Cell 1 to 10 and Cell 21 to 22 are in parallel and cell 12 to 11 and cell 24 to 23 are in parallel as well. And the final sets are in series. Which leads 72v not 144v.
Hope this helps.
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Irfan Amin Gadai
Irfan Amin Gadai on 5 Jun 2022
thank you, I saw your answer by mail and corrected it that day.
Thank You again

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