Simmechanis real time simulation

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mahesh kumara
mahesh kumara on 17 Jan 2015
Answered: Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2022
Hi, I want to change the joint angle of model, when it is running .
I change the joint angle by using slider gain. I did it using first generation. But I want know how can I do it using second generation. Please help me.
First generation example.
I want to do it in second generation.
I'm attach my model here. Also you can see the image of block diagram. Please make some time to give the answer. Thank you. Mahesh
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ibrahim Kesici
ibrahim Kesici on 20 Mar 2017
Mr. Mahesh, I have same problem. Did you find any solution?

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Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2022
Your model actually works just fine! The one setting you were missing was to enable the simulation pacer, which will slow down the simulation so it runs close to real time. By the time you moved the slider, hundreds or thousands of seconds had passed in the simulation, but the animation was set to "real time", so you would have had to wait a while to see the effect of the slider.
See this documentation page: Simulation Pacing

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