I have to solve for a maximization problemwith greek letters and simplify the expression but I don't know how to proceed

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I'd like to know how to insert greek letters in the command window to solve a maximization problem and also to simplify an expression. Actually, I don't need matlab to maximize but to simplify expressions with greek letters. Could you help me please ?

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Andres on 22 Apr 2022
Edited: Andres on 22 Apr 2022
To simplify expressions you need the Symbolic Math Toolbox in Matlab
or another computer algebra system
A greek letter inside a variable name throws an error
>> syms β
Error using syms
Invalid variable name.
so use a valid variable name instead like
syms beta
Nordine Bouchelia
Nordine Bouchelia on 23 Apr 2022
No pi_H and pi_G are the objective functions of the whole 3 periods summed together for firm H and G
I need to derive with repect to omega_3^D and p_3^D and solve for the optimal values.
But for the expression of omega_3^D I for example, I need to get rid of the p_3^D so, substitute it inside the expression and find the same results as described above.

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