Hello I need a code that gives me the local minimum of a histogram please ?

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AbdelRahman Mostafa
AbdelRahman Mostafa on 21 Apr 2022
I created 12 histograms for 12 frames and I need to get the local minimums of these histograms.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 21 Apr 2022
maybe this
the local minima are the red diamonds
x = randn(1000,1);
h = histogram(x);
Values = h.Values;
BinCounts = h.BinCounts;
BinEdges = h.BinEdges;
BinWidth = h.BinWidth;
centers = BinEdges(2:end) - BinWidth/2;
% find min values
ind = islocalmin(Values);
hold on
hold off
AbdelRahman Mostafa
AbdelRahman Mostafa on 10 May 2022
I am a masters student and my thesis is about image processing. I just needed to know how to get the local minimums to be able to continue my thesis. Now you know why I need it. If you can help good if you cant then dont talk to me that way. Thank you

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