ROS2: How to generate code without makefile execution using Matlab coder

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How can I generate code only when deploying ROS2 node from Matlab script? Dispite I configure coder not to build the node I get error "Current compiler MinGW64 Compiler (C++) is not supported for ROS build. To choose a compiler, run 'mex -setup cpp'..". Process is interrupted before the code is generated.
My build config is below. I tried to generate code from Simulink and it works when I check "Generate code only" option in Hardware settigs. I have now no other option than use remote device deployment (Linux pc with ROS2 installed).
Toolchain is correctly configured to "Colcon Tools".
cfg = coder.config('exe');
cfg.Hardware = coder.hardware('Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2)');
cfg.Hardware.BuildAction = 'None'; % Do not build
cfg.GenCodeOnly = true; % Force to generate code only
cfg.Hardware.DeployTo = 'Localhost';
Marek Gal
Marek Gal on 27 Apr 2022
Hello Jagadeesh,
thanks for your comment! Yes, that is a way, but I wanted to avoid installing 20GB of unnecessary junk into my PC :D It seems to me like a bug. Shall I report it somewhere else than on this forum?

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Accepted Answer

Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 27 Apr 2022
Hello Marek,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is a bug in both ROS and ROS 2 MATLAB code generation. We are currently working on the fix and it should be availble in a recent update.
Unfortunately, there is no workaround to generate code only in MATLAB for now. Please consider using remote deployment as an alternative before this issue get address.

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