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how to create a string variable with specified color?

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hello !
i have the task to create a string variable like "hello !is any one here" of specific color 'blue'
how i can do it matlab?

Accepted Answer

DGM on 20 Apr 2022
A string or char doesn't have a color.
If you're talking about putting a text object in a figure, you could do that.
mywords = "i'm not here";
ht = text(0,0,mywords,'color','b')
ht =
Text (i'm not here) with properties: String: 'i'm not here' FontSize: 10 FontWeight: 'normal' FontName: 'Helvetica' Color: [0 0 1] HorizontalAlignment: 'left' Position: [0 0 0] Units: 'data' Show all properties
xlim([-1 1])
ylim([-1 1])

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