Simulink/Matlab coder in a trial version for a student

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Hello, I'm a student and I recently downloaded Matlab for a trial version I would like to download the Simulink/Matlab coder to flash and deploy my PLC (Arduino/Raspberry), in the adds-on they mentioned that I could get a trial version after submitting the request I get no answer does anyone knows how to get a Simulink/Matlab coder at least for a trial version that I have, thank you in advance!

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Matan Silver
Matan Silver on 18 Apr 2022
Hello Abdelghafar,
It sounds like you found some links to request free trials. Just in case you couldn't find links for anything, you can find many of the products on the product page have links to request free trials:
If you have trouble requesting or installing any of the products, feel free to contact technical support.

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