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simulations of 100 samples (1 time 100 sample size) varied by Height or Weight and export data to excel file using simbiology matlab version 2022a

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Hello. Now I am currently use simbiology in matlab version 2022a. It is totally different from 2018a version. I would like to simulate 1 trials with 100 sample size with variations of weights or height. I also would like to export 100 data to excel file How Can I do that in Simbiology, MATLAB® version 2022a, windows operation.

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 18 Apr 2022
Hello. You could run a Scan Program to simulate with variations in weight and height. Please see this short video on how to do that in the new version/Model Analyzer app:
To export simulation data to Excel, first visualize the simulation data on a Datasheet (open a new Datasheet and drag and drop results), then right click on the Datasheet and choose Export Datasheet. Please see the screenshot below.


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