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What is the code to count the number of word in the text file?

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I just what to know the code.
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Rik on 14 Apr 2022
As Scott hints at: there are several definitions of what would constitute. If precision matters, you will have to define what you require, which will depend on the language as well.
E.g.: is 'ex-smoker' one word or two? What about 'you're'?
Try to come up with counter-examples that would break your defenition.

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 14 Apr 2022
Edited: Scott MacKenzie on 14 Apr 2022
There are a few ways to set this up. Here's one using line-by-line processing and a loose definition of a word as a space-deliminited sequence of characters.
fileName = 'example.txt'; % any text file
fid = fopen(fileName);
n = 0;
while ~feof(fid)
line = fgetl(fid);
line = string(line);
s = split(line);
n = n + length(s);
fprintf('Number of words: %d\n', n);
You can also process the entire text file at once:
fileName = 'example.txt'; % any text file
fid = fopen(fileName);
C = textscan(fid, '%s');
s = string(C{:});
fprintf('Number of words: %d\n', length(s));
If you have the Text Analytics Toolbox, there are more possibilities using more sophisticated concepts of a "word".


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