How to save progressive jpeg with Matlab?

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Jernej on 8 Jan 2015
Commented: Jernej on 9 Jan 2015
Is it possible to save an image as a progressive jpeg from within Matlab? Using imwrite()? Or calling an outside .jar or similar?
Thank you!

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Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki
try export_fig code from the "File Exchange"
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Jernej on 9 Jan 2015
I am trying to imwrite() an RGB image I already have in a matrix. If I 'imfinfo()' the JPEG image saved by Matlab, I get:
CodingMethod: 'Huffman'
CodingProcess: 'Lossless'
CodingMethod: 'Huffman'
CodingProcess: 'Sequential'
and I'm looking for a method that would allow me to save Progressive, so the 'imfinfo()' would return:
CodingMethod: 'Huffman'
CodingProcess: 'Progressive'

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