How to do Pade approximation with different order of numerator and denominator in Matlab

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Milan Hrstka
Milan Hrstka on 8 Apr 2022
Answered: Paul on 8 Apr 2022
I'm trying to do Pade approximation in Matlab. Matlab have function pade which approximates time delays by rational models but you can set just one general order for numerator and denominator of some transfer function with delay. I would like to do Pade approximation where I can set order of numerator and order of denominator separately. So far I have no idea how to code that. I would be very glad for any help.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 8 Apr 2022
The Sybolic Math Toolbox has a function pade() where the order of the numerator and denominator can be specified separately. The result from that function can be manipulated into a Control System Toolbox tf object.

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