how i start?

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shamsa khalid
shamsa khalid on 8 Apr 2022
Edited: Rik on 8 Apr 2022

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 8 Apr 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 8 Apr 2022
@shamsa khalid
I'll give a general idea. You need to search some functions on the help documentation.
The chart is essentially a table. Perhaps you can create a table and then write a function to do the following:
  1. Request user input for the 4-band color code. (See
  2. identity the 4-band color code in the standard RGB
  3. lookup the corresponding values from the table
  4. determine the resistance of the resistor.
  5. display the result (see
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 8 Apr 2022
After giving some thoughts, I think RGB values and the table are not needed in your case. If the color band is Brown, Orange, Green, Gold, then you can display an image and ask the user to enter accordingly:
code = [1 3 5 G]
and hit 'Enter'. The algorithm should determine and display the resistance as:
Ohm with % tolerance.
Note that Band #3 Black should be 0 because .

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