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I am trying to do a 3D deconvolution both image and psf are stacks ,there are various pluggins availiable in imajej for doing a 3-d Deconvolution,How to modify the inbulild functions like deconwnr,deconvlucy for doing a 3-D deconvolution in Matlab?

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for doing a 2-d deconvolution in matlab we have inbuild functions like deconvwnr,deconvlucy etc but i am trying to do a 3-d deconvolution both the raw image and the psf are stacks from widefield fluroscent microscope,How to do a 3-d deconvolution in matlab i can't find any sample codes for doing the same in matlab, please help

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Meshooo on 25 Feb 2015
Edited: Meshooo on 25 Feb 2015
Deconvolution is also known as deblurring in matlab. There are several methods, but you need to know some information about your noise.
Check this link:
Hope that helps.


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