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how to set a mdceuser?

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buaa on 28 Sep 2011
By default,a worker on a windows operating system installed as a service running as localsystem,so it does not have acess to mapped network drives.How to set the mdceuser and mdcepass? I need detail steps.

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Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 28 Sep 2011
To change the user the MDCE service is running as you need to do the following on all the computers MDCE is running on.
1. From a Command Prompt, stop and uninstall MDCE. Note: this will destroy all your jobs.
$MATLABROOT\toolbox\distcomp\bin> mdce -clean stop
$MATLABROOT\toolbox\distcomp\bin> mdce uninstall
2. Open $MATLABROOT\toolbox\distcomp\bin\mdce_def.bat in a text editor
3. Change the line "set MDCEUSER=" to specify the user you want the MDCE service to run as.
4. Reinstall the MDCE service. This will prompt you for the password for the MDCEUSER account.
$MATLABROOT\toolbox\distcomp\bin> mdce install
5. Start the MDCE service
$MATLABROOT\toolbox\distcomp\bin> mdce start
6. Start jobmanager and workers as before.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not give MDCE access to the users mapped drives. Services, even when running as a real user, do not have the mapped drives that that user has when they log on interactively. You will need to refer to the locations by the full network (UNC) path - something like \\server\path\to\file. However, by changing the user, the MDCE service may now have permission to access this network location.
buaa on 28 Sep 2011
thank you!
but I don't know how to change the mdceuser.What is the DOMAINNAME? I set a name,but it failed.
What's my purpose is to read the data in network drives.Is UNC path like \\jcfy-pc\d\test? But my workers still have no acess to the network drives.
Please help me! thank you very much.
Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 15 Jan 2013
On Windows, the full name of a user is specified like "DOMAINNAME\USERNAME" - the DOMAINNAME might be the same as the local computer the user is defined on, or might be something like your group, department or company name. You need to find the full username of the user you want the service to run as and then the mdce_def.bat file as above.
looks like an UNC path to me - they start with two slashs, and then the computer name.

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