Root Locus system description at given point not showing up

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Whitten Oswald
Whitten Oswald on 5 Apr 2022
Commented: Whitten Oswald on 13 Apr 2022
When I use rlocus(), clicking on a point simply displays the coordinates rather than the system information at that point (gain, damping ratio, etc). Additionally, 'grid on' gives an error.
g=tf([1],[1 24 84 80]);
Edit: Solved the problem. I was running the code in a live script, but it must be executed in Command Window.
Whitten Oswald
Whitten Oswald on 13 Apr 2022
Nope, that's how I was trying it (in the original screenshot). Same exact code and figure in Command Window works though.

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Answers (2)

Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P on 8 Apr 2022
Hi Whitten Oswald,
I understand that you are looking for the system information while hovering over the plot.
In MATLAB versions R2018b or later, the data cursor mode has been made as the built-in interactions. Since you are using R2021b, the data points should be enabled by default.
I tried reproducing the issue at my end and I could see the information datapoints enabled by default. One possible work around would be to customize your built-in interactions and add dataTipInteraction to the Interaction array.
Hope this helps you!!
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Whitten Oswald
Whitten Oswald on 8 Apr 2022
Thank you for your response.
I discovered the custom DataTips while trying to troubleshoot this problem, but hoped it wouldn't come to that. I'll look into doing this.

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Paul on 8 Apr 2022
Is there any chance that you have some local version of rlocus() that is shadowing the Control System Toolbox? What is the output of
which rlocus -all
/MATLAB/toolbox/control/ctrlobsolete/rlocus.m /MATLAB/toolbox/control/ctrldesign/@DynamicSystem/rlocus.m % Shadowed DynamicSystem method
g=tf([1],[1 24 84 80]);
which rlocus(g)
/MATLAB/toolbox/control/ctrldesign/@DynamicSystem/rlocus.m % tf method
Whitten Oswald
Whitten Oswald on 8 Apr 2022
No worries, I appreciate you trying anyway. It doesn't seem to be a common problem for a lot of users, so I'll probably just try to implement the data tips manually as Pravarthana P suggested (if I can figure out how).
Thanks again.

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