How to convert datetime into a number?

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Lu Da Silva
Lu Da Silva on 3 Apr 2022
I have a table whose first column is a timestamp in the format 08-Jan-2016 05:40:00. How do I convert it into numbers?
Wanted output: 20160108054000.
I know the function yyyymmdd(X) is useful but I also need the time to be added.

Answers (1)

KSSV on 3 Apr 2022
dt = datestr(now,'yyyymmddHHMMSS')
dt = '20220403132156'
Siddharth Bhutiya
Siddharth Bhutiya on 5 Apr 2022
Avoid using older legacy functions like datestr and datenum. Use the more modern types like datetime to work with timestamped data.
@Lu Da Silva Could you share a code example to demonstrate what you are seeing. This way people can run that on their MATLAB and suggest possible solutions instead of trying to guess what the problem could be.

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