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Data reduction or resize function for imagesc plot

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I have data on a 2-dimensional grid where the number of points in the x-direction is much larger than what can be displayed. 10k data points and the plot window is at best around 1000 pixels wide.
I would like to change how matlab presents the data. Specifically I would like matlab to use the maximum z-value for all the data points represented by each pixel. So in the example above, i would like the first pixel to use the maximum Z-value of the first 10 data points.
I could do this in an ugly ad-hoc way, but I would like this to work also when I zoom or resize the plot. Is that possible somehow?
(I have found that I can use a custom method with imresize. If there is a way to change how a certain figure is resized when zoomed, that could be an option. I am not sure that is the right path though.)

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 31 Mar 2022
yes,sir,may be use pca to get data dimension reduce,and plot in two or three space


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