Use the warehouse multirobot simulation and dynamic list of packages

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I want to use the Warehouse multirobot simulation ( ) as the base and simulate the packages as continous as in new packages can come in while the code is being executed instead of just a list of packages and destinations being assigned at the begning.
So I changed the input from constant to repeating sequence, added a que and used signal conversion block .
The input to the scheduler, at packages is not compatible.
What is the possible solution to dynamically giving more packages while the model is being simulated?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Sriparvathi Bhattathiri
Sriparvathi Bhattathiri on 7 Mar 2022
To add to my previous question, I am trying to also assign different list of packages to each loading station which seems to be quite difficult as well.

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Answers (1)

Karsh Tharyani
Karsh Tharyani on 12 Aug 2022
Hi Sriparvathi,
Currently, this example doesn't support appending multiple packages at runtime to the queue. Also, it is hard to diagnose the issue without a reproducible and based alone on your description.
I would suggest you reach out to our Technical Support team with the reproducible of the issue. That will enable us to diagnose this in an efficient manner.

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