Clicking photos through Raspberry Pi Camera Board

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mypi = raspi; cam = cameraboard (mypi); ButtonPress= readDigitalPin(mypi,23); if ButtonPress img = snapshot (cam); img = imagesc (img); end
I want to click photos through raspberry pi with raspberry pi camera board in MATLAB when we press push button. I wrote a MATLAB code for this which is shown in below figure.
Even if I connect the digital pins directly to wires still my readDigitalPin shows 0.
Could you please help me with this?

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Pravarthana P
Pravarthana P on 18 Feb 2022
Hi Roston Mascarenhas, it can be understood from your query that readDigitalPin() function returns value 0 even after connecting the digital wires. This may be due to the following issues, you may try the listed workaround:
  • Check with a switch case to see what happens through the code.
  • Check if the pin has been assigned as output pin instead of input pin inorder to read from the pin.
You may find the following documents useful:

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