How to display row numbers in variable view?

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Igor Gayday
Igor Gayday on 12 Feb 2022
Commented: Prasanna Konyala on 18 Feb 2022
How to display row numbers larger than 100 in the variable view? As you can see from the screenshot, they are just replaced with "1.." and I do not see a way to resize the column with row numbers (unlike others).

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Prasanna Konyala
Prasanna Konyala on 15 Feb 2022
Matlab default settings makes sure that the width of the column is enough to accommodate the row numbers. According to your screenshot, it seems that you have changed font setting in matlab preferences. That might be the reason for the issue you are facing. Try changing back to default setting to see if the error is resolved. I couldn’t reproduce the issue at my end with both default and custom settings. If the issue still persists after changing back to default, It can be your OS display settings that is causing the issue. Try changing OS custom display setting to resolve the issue.
Use this document to know details regarding changes within matlab preferences-
Prasanna Konyala
Prasanna Konyala on 18 Feb 2022
To restore any lost default preferences you can try the following:
Run the following command in the MATLAB command prompt in order to locate your preferences directory:
>> prefdir
This is where your "matlab" prf file is located. Rename it to "matlab.old" and reopen matlab.
If this doesn't work, try reinstalling the matlab.
And regarding OS settings, I am not sure which setting can effect as matlab behaves differently on different operating systems.

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