Kmeans Clustering of matrices

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Kawther on 29 Nov 2014
Edited: Image Analyst on 29 Nov 2014
I have this matrix
x=[ 2+2*i 2-2*i -2+2*i -2-2*i];
i want to simulate transmitting it and adding a noise to it. I represented the components of the complex number as below:
A=randn(150,2)+2*ones(150,2); C=randn(150,2)-2*ones(150,2);
At the receiver i received the below vector, where the components are ordered based on what i sent originally (i.e. the components of x).
X = [A A A C C A C C];
Now i want to apply the kmeans(X) to have 4 clusters, so kmeans(X,4). I am having the below problems:
  1. I am not sure if i can represent the complex numbers as shown in X above.
  2. I cannot plot the result of the kmeans to show the clusters.
  3. I could not understand the clusters centroid results.
  4. How can i find the bet error rate, if this example was to represent a communication system and at the receiver the k-means clustering was used in order to decide for what the transmitted signal was?
Thank you for your fast response.
Kawther Hamad

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