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How can I define the Generalized plant on matlab

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i have this generalized plant matrix, how can i define it in a matlab code to use it in Hinfinty synth. command.
[K,CL,GAM]=hinfsyn(P,nmeas,ncont), Hinfinity Synth.

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Jeremy Berke
Jeremy Berke on 18 Jul 2022
Edited: Jeremy Berke on 18 Jul 2022
You can use the ss command
P = ss(A, [B1 B2], [C1; C2], [D11 D12; D21 D22])
dx = A*x + B1*w +B2*u
z = C1*x + D11*w + D12*u
y = C2*x + D21*w + D22*u


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