Unable to use functions from the Computer Vision Toolbox in Simulink MATLAB function block

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Im currently trying to implement a Simulink function block for matlab code. The block is for object detection and uses functions from the Computer Vision Toolbox, such as [bboxes,scores] = detect(detector,I). But these fucntions are are not defined or found. They do work when I run them normally in matlab but do not in the Simulink fcn block. Is there a way to use functions from a toolbox in the MATLAB Function block or in any other block that allows me to run matlab code?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Accepted Answer

Qu Cao
Qu Cao on 2 Feb 2022
A workaround is to declare the function as an extrinsic function so that it will be essentially executed in MATLAB:

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 2 Feb 2022
See the documentation article "MATLAB Function" for more details about what functions can be used in the code that you put in the block. Since most of the Computer Vision Toolbox functions are not code generatable to C/C++, then it is not surprising that few of them work in your example.

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