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Matlab Runtime Install Noninteractively Error: invalid option -- 'a'

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I am new at Matlab and wants to install Matlab Runtime to remote server which has no GUI support. I would like run MATLAB script which calls Simulink model and the Simulink model communciates with a python script via TCP. I wondered whether it is feasible.
However, I am getting " invalid option -- 'a'" error. What is the problem.

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Varun on 29 Dec 2023
Hi Bedirhan,
Looks like you are trying to run the MATLAB runtime installer in silent mode. However, you are facing the following error:
invalid option -- 'a'
Please try below workarounds:
1) In your command, use "./install" instead of just "install" because using "install" without the preceding "./" in a Linux environment will typically invoke a completely different command than the MATLAB Runtime installer script named "install". The "install" command in Linux is a standard utility that is used to copy files and set attributes during the installation of software
sudo ./install -agreeToLicense yes
2) Ensure that you are in the correct directory where the MATLAB Runtime installer has been extracted. Use the pwd command to print the current working directory and ls to list the files.
ls -l
3) Make sure that the installer file named install is indeed present in the current directory and that it is executable. If it's not executable, you can make it so with the following command:
chmod +x install
Hope it helps.


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