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Linking drop down menus

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Laimonas Pocius
Laimonas Pocius on 31 Jan 2022
Answered: Reshma Nerella on 3 Feb 2022
Hi all, I don't know anything about programming, but I know, that what i want to achieve is simple, so I just want to ask. I already made a GUI that I'm happy with, with two drop down menus that have various selections and a push button that should trigger a calculation to get a desired value in the text box considering the selections made im the drop down. What should be the code to get a certain value in the text box, considering the selections of drop down menus? (I already have the values calculated for every possible combination, so I just need a code for the push button action to work in corelation with choices made in drop down.)

Answers (1)

Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella on 3 Feb 2022
  1. Add a Numeric edit field to show the output.
  2. Add a callback for the button i.e Button Pushed function.
  3. In the button pushed function, retrieve the values of drop-downs, do the necessary calculations and get the desired output.
  4. Update the value of edit field.
Hope this helps!


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