Modulation of signal using sqrt (2)

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Darshan Manjunathrao Chawan
Answered: Shivam Singh on 7 Apr 2022
What is the purpose of using sqrt(2) while doing modulation in OFDM?
Fs = 44100;
ts = 2.2676e-5;
Fc = 2400;
t = 0:1/Fs:(length(Up_sampling)-1)*ts;
Real part = real(Upsampling).*cos(2*pi*Fc*t) * sqrt(2);
Imag_part = imag(Up_sampling).*-sin(2*pi*Fc*t) * sqrt(2);

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Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh on 7 Apr 2022
Hello Darshan,
The factor of srqt(2) is included just for convenience as a normalization factor. It helps in power calculation as the power of the signal A*sin(x) is (A^2)/2 and the factor sqrt(2) normalizes the 1/2 in it.

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