I have calculated the distance between fixed object and moving object in a video. Using this distance I am trying to calculate the displacement of moving object in consecutive frame.

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rohan gupta
rohan gupta on 20 Nov 2014
Edited: rohan gupta on 21 Nov 2014
I have tried doing it, but I am getting error.
if true
% code
end X(r)=thisCentroid(:,1);
if r>=2
save dist_c dist_c;
for k=2:numberOfFrames
The error which I am getting while running the code is
  • Attempted to access dist_c(2); index out of bounds because numel(dist_c)=1 .
Error in Untitled2 (line 92)

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sandeep on 20 Nov 2014
Try using pdist() function to calculate the distance between two points and save it to an array. It is not clear in the code about k value from the loop. It looks your dist_c has only one value and you are trying access from the second value.
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rohan gupta
rohan gupta on 20 Nov 2014
I tried using pdist(), its not working. I am still getting same error
When I comment the
I am able to get the distance between stationary object and moving object for all the frames. Now I am trying to find the displacement of the moving object with respect to stationary object by subtracting the obtained distance of previous frame & present frame. In my video there are in all 900 frames.

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