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how to create Dual listbox which transfers items on selection and button press?

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So I am trying to create a kind of system where one can be able to transfer items to the other listbox but pressing those buttons. For example this menu in Microsoft words.
And this is my simple GUI I used GUIDE to build
But now my only problem is how to code each listbox and push button to work together seamlessly.

Accepted Answer

sfreeman on 19 Nov 2014
Edited: sfreeman on 19 Nov 2014
Fill the callback functions of the pushbuttons.
The code for button left to right will include for example:
cList1 = get(hList1,'String');
nSelection = get(hList1,'Value');
cList2 = get(hList2,'String');
cList2 = [cList2 cList1(nSelection)];
I assume, you will add some comfort functionality, like sorting the list, preserve actual selection etc.
Btw - I do not know anybody in large scale GUI generation using GUIDE for final code. IMHO creating the GUI by code gives you a better basis for coding the functionality.

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