Loading variables from different folders containing subfolders in loop

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I have 39 folders, each of them containing 6 subfolders with mat files inside in the form of a matrix mxn. From the matfiles, I need to load the matrices with the lowest n of zeros in a loop and save them in a mat.file in the workspace so that those can be loaded when it is necessary to save variables in them.
Any suggestion on how to do that?
Thank you!

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 20 Jan 2022
an example below to show how to loop over directories and load in natural sorting ordre the files in each folder
%% define path
yourpath = pwd; % or your specific path
list=dir(yourpath); %get info of files/folders in current directory
isfile=~[list.isdir]; %determine index of files vs folders
dirnames={list([list.isdir]).name}; % directories names (including . and ..)
dirnames=dirnames(~(strcmp('.',dirnames)|strcmp('..',dirnames))); % remove . and .. directories names from list
%% demo for excel files
sheet = 1; % specify which sheet to be processed (my demo) - if needed
%% Loop on each folder
for ci = 1:length(dirnames) %
fileDir = char(dirnames(ci)); % current directory name
S = dir(fullfile(fileDir,'Sheeta*.xlsx')); % get list of data files in directory according to name structure 'Sheeta*.xlsx'
S = natsortfiles(S); % sort file names into natural order (what matlab does not) , see FEX :
%% Loop inside folder
for k = 1:length(S) % read data in specified sheet
data = xlsread(fullfile(fileDir, S(k).name),sheet); % or use a structure (S(k).data ) to store the full data structure
% your own code here for data processing. this is just for my demo
% for now :
title_str = [fileDir ' / ' S(k).name ' / sheet : ' num2str(sheet)];

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