My simple simulink model runs too fast!

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Ariana on 17 Nov 2014
Answered: Angie Ojeda on 26 Jun 2021
I have designed a simple simulink and stateflow diagrams on Matlab. It works perfectly! But I have two issues:
1) The model runs too fast. What should I change (maybe on Model Configuration Parameters?) to make it slower so we can see the transitions?
2) Currently I just have a constant input. How can I set a series of constants, probably periodic? Like, I need an input of say 0 at time 0, then 1 after 1 minute, 2 at time 3, etc ?

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Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan on 17 Nov 2014
Hi Ariana,
point 1: SIMULINK with its strength tries to simulate the block diagrams as fast as possible. This is what most of the users would like to do as its not pratcically possible to wait in real time (go by clock) to simulate some systems that may span across years.
point2 : Having said the above in your case. You could try to investigate the "From Workspace " block that takes a time series input to time the inputs based on time or use the signal builder block.
Let me know if this helps ?
--Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan on 21 Nov 2014
Hi Ariana,
The "From Workspace" block should be found in the sources in the Simulink library

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Angie Ojeda
Angie Ojeda on 26 Jun 2021
You can try:
and click in enable pacing to slow down simulation.

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