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James on 20 Sep 2011
I hope that somebody can help me with a problem. I'm trying to finish up figures for a paper, and I want to add legends, etc. in an EPS format using Adobe Illustrator. I made some simple scatter plots (gscatter.m) and clustered heatmaps (clustergram.m) and exported them to EPS. When I open them up in AI, they are broken into several sections. This makes it very difficult to size them. I have used Matlab in the past for the same thing, and they never appeared to be broken into independent sections.
Is there a way to avoid this?
Thanks in advance.
Jan on 7 Mar 2013
I do not know m_pcolor. If the figure uses the Pinters renderer, the created EPS files have a vector format. For the ZBuffer or OpenGL renderer, bitmaps are written to the EPS. So please check the renderer directly before printing. If the RendererMode is 'auto', Matlab decides for the "best" renderer and enables OpenGL for 3D or transparency automatically.

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Florin Neacsu
Florin Neacsu on 20 Sep 2011
Have a look at export_fig on file exchange.
Regards, Florin
P.S. Credit goes to the author.
Jan on 20 Sep 2011
Surprising. I've never had troubles installing GhostScript, except for the 64-bit version in Matlab 7. Therefore I'm using the 32-bit version now.

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Jan on 20 Sep 2011
Do you use the OpenGL-renderer for your figure? EPS-files with a scalable vector format are created with the Painters-renderer only. But if the Renderer property is set to 'auto' Matlab enables OpenGL or ZBuffer for 3D graphics automatically and pixel-graphics are exported. But I haven't seen different slices yet.
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James on 21 Sep 2011
I used the painter's renderer.
I exported an image earlier today, in the same way, that was fine. The only difference with this one is that I plotted some points, used the "hold on" function, then plotted more points before exporting. I'm not sure how that changes things, but that is the only difference in the problem.

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