save line segments as binary mask

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em on 15 Nov 2014
Commented: Guillaume on 15 Nov 2014
I have a skeleton stored as a set of line segments in the vector ln[x0,y0,x1,y1;...]. I can draw the skeleton on the image of size(r,c) by
How can I save the skeleton displayed on the image as a binary mask, with pixels on lines being 1 and everything else being 0?

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Guillaume on 15 Nov 2014
If you have the Computer vision toolbox, you can use insertshape to draw the lines straight into your image.
If not, you can use getframe to capture the content of the figure. Unfiortunately, my experience with getframe is that it doesn't work too well and doesn't return an image the same size as you started with.
Your final option is to write your own line drawing algorithm. Bresenham's algorithm is a simple and efficient one.
Guillaume on 15 Nov 2014
I thought you only had the endpoints of your segments, in which case, insertshape is exactly what you want. You use it to draw the lines on an blank image.

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