How to convert cell to matrix

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Manuela Maria ALAMPI
Manuela Maria ALAMPI on 10 Jan 2022
Commented: Matt J on 11 Jan 2022
I have a 100001x2 cell. Each cell is 1x1.
How can I convert it to matrix? I've tried cell2mat but I can't make it work
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jan 2022
ca = signal.textdata([6:end],[1,2]);
save('answers.mat', 'ca');
Then attach answers.mat with the paperclip icon.

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Accepted Answer

Jon on 10 Jan 2022
Side stepping the issue a little bit, I can read in your data file perfectly as numerical values and not use cell2mat at all using:
A = readmatrix('i1uss.txt','NumHeaderLines',5)
Matt J
Matt J on 11 Jan 2022
@Manuela Maria ALAMPI since it worked, you should Accept-click the post.

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More Answers (2)

Matt J
Matt J on 10 Jan 2022
cell2mat should have worked
A=num2cell(rand(100001,2)); whos A
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes A 100001x2 22400224 cell
B=cell2mat(A); whos B
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes B 100001x2 1600016 double

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 10 Jan 2022
Try this, where A is your 100001x2 cell:
cell2mat(cellfun(@(x) x,A))





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