store strings and numbers into an array

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hello everybody,
i'am still a beginner in MATLAB and need your help.
if i have a list of Person names and their ages. e.g. Peter: 28; Fabian: 21; Mary: 32.
how to create an array in MATLAB including these informations and how to access them on the base of the name or age.
I appreciate every help.
thank you

Accepted Answer

Rik on 8 Jan 2022
I would suggest create a struct array:
[data.Age]=deal(28,21,32);%just to show a different syntax
ans = 28

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Chunru on 8 Jan 2022
% You can use structure array
PersonInfo(1) = struct("Name", "Peter", "Age", 28);
PersonInfo(2) = struct("Name", "Fabian", "Age", 21);
PersonInfo(3) = struct("Name", "Mary", "Age", 32);
ans = struct with fields:
Name: "Peter" Age: 28

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