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Make Candle chart more Readable.

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Dima on 20 Sep 2011
Answered: Sonima on 1 Feb 2019
I wonder if it is possible to modify the default candle plot parameters in such a way (or to assign the property to the chart object) so that the candles are plotted in the following format:
Down candles are red And up candles are green.
Example of the stock chart can be found here:
I modified the default Black candle stick chart in the chart editor by changing the patch face colors. I wonder if this can be done from the scrip???

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Grzegorz Knor
Grzegorz Knor on 20 Sep 2011
Something like that:
load disney.mat
title('Disney 3/31/98 to 4/30/98')
ch = get(gca,'children');
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Dima on 20 Sep 2011
AMAZING!!))) IT WORKS!!! thanks so much...I am really getting the feel of the power of this platform...too bad I have only 3 days worth of programming experience))) still a pleasure to learn from such generously helpful people like you...have a nice day!)

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Sonima on 1 Feb 2019
This does not work anylonger.
Is it possible to define colors for Bullish/Bearish candles?
In addition, is it possible to conditionally change the candlestick face colors?

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