How do I input a (1+bS) block into simulink, when b is const.?

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I am trying to solve a system.
I know how to input a block like (1/as+b), but a (aS+b) block. Could someone help me with how to input this block in simulink?
Here is a picture of the block diagram

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Abhishek Kolla
Abhishek Kolla on 5 Jan 2022
You can use MATLAB Function block in Simulink Library Browser to create custom functions. Double-clicking the MATLAB Function block opens the MATLAB Function Block Editor, where you write the MATLAB function.
You can use tf to create a transfer function in MATLAB.
Assume the value of b=2 , the below code snippet will create the transfer function 1+2s
>>num = [2 1];
>>den = [1];
Hope this helps.

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