How to run multi robot warehouse simulation?

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I am learning to use Robotics System Toolbox from the example provided by MATLAB.
I followed all steps provided above yet failed to run the simulation in the end with the error shown below.
Error robotcontroller_msf.obj: Undefined (*ABS*). Symbol .file
gmake: *** [../../../../robotController_msf.mexw64] Error 1
### Build procedure for robotController aborted due to an error.
Simulation targets built:
Model Action Rebuild Reason
robotController Failed Code generation information file does not exist.
0 of 1 models built (0 models already up to date) Build duration: 0h 2m 53.638s
Unable to update models referenced by 'multiRobotExampleModel'.
Caused by: Error(s) encountered while building "robotController_msf"
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error
I tried to check the block diagram of robotController but couldn't locate the error.
Any suggesstions for running the simulation smoothly?

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Karsh Tharyani
Karsh Tharyani on 4 Jan 2022
Hi Tuck,
I am sorry you are running into this. It is a little hard to diagnose this without looking at the full build log, but there are two things which you can try to get around this:
  • Using a different directory to run the example (by copying the example's supporting files and live script); somewhere with a relatively shorter path (for instance inside, "C:/dir1/subdir1" instead of "C:/dir1/subdir1/subsubdir1")
  • Make sure that there is sufficient space in the directory where you are running the example from.
If you are still running into issues, I strongly suggest reaching out to our Technical Support team, as this will help us in quickly resolving the issue.
I hope this helps!
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Tuck Weng Aw Yong
Tuck Weng Aw Yong on 9 Jan 2022
Hi Karsh,
Thanks for the advice! This seems to solve the problem!
Thank you very much.

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