Issue related to imshow command

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I am using 'imshow' command in my code. Till yesterday my code was running properly, but from today i am getting error as shown below * * *
"Attempt to call constructor image with incorrect letter case.
Error in basicImageDisplay (line 24)
hh = image(cdata, ...
Error in imshow (line 266)
hh = basicImageDisplay(fig_handle,ax_handle,...
Error in Untitled2 (line 19)
imshow(thisFrame);* *
* "
rohan gupta
rohan gupta on 9 Nov 2014
No i have not created any such class.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Nov 2014
Do this on the command line
which -all image
and tell us what it says. You should see this:
>> which -all image
built-in (C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\matlab\specgraph\image)
rohan gupta
rohan gupta on 9 Nov 2014
thanks, I got it. I have used 'image' as the name of one of the file name.

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