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How to select an maximum value from this matrix?

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i have an matrix like this
a=[ 1.7923 179.1685 0.9985
38.6896 186.7030 1.0000
27.9668 191.8023 0.9988
15.1071 188.5679 0.9986
15.3087 173.0626 1.0000];
from this, i need to choose an higher value particularly in 3rd column according to that i want to choose the corespondent row value, like this
b=[38.6896 186.7030 1.0000
15.3087 173.0626 1.0000]
like this i want to get output

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Nov 2014
This works:
b = a(a(:,3)>=1-1E-8,:)
b =
38.6896e+000 186.7030e+000 1.0000e+000
15.3087e+000 173.0626e+000 1.0000e+000
The inequality test is to allow for floating-point approximation error.

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