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i am planning a rrt path using fixed wing uav state space, i want a smooth path can anyone tell what values of parameters to tweek?

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ss = ExampleHelperUAVStateSpace("MaxRollAngle",1,...
"FlightPathAngleLimit",[-0.1 0.1],...
"Bounds",[1 256; 1 256; 1 256; -pi pi]);
startPose = [40 180 25 pi/2];
goalPose = [96 140 144 pi/2];
statevalidator = validatorOccupancyMap3D(ss);
statevalidator.Map = omap;
planner = plannerRRT(ss,statevalidator);
planner.MaxConnectionDistance = 10;
planner.GoalBias = 0.10;
planner.MaxIterations = 1000;
planner.GoalReachedFcn = @(~,x,y)(norm(x(1:3)-y(1:3)) < 5);
[pthObj,solnInfo] = plan(planner,startPose,goalPose);
i have taken these parameters , where i want airspeed to be between 0-2 , i want to get a smooth path which i am not getting,i actually wanted to have a min turning radius but it doesnt seem feasible here.Please tell how can i get a smooth path here

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 20 May 2022
Edited: Jianxin Sun on 20 May 2022
The kinematic model used by Dubins path determines the turn radius using following equation based on coordinated flight condition for a fixed-wing UAV:
(V is airspeed, ϕ is roll angle)
According to your configuration AirSpeed = 0.1 m/s and Roll Angle = 1 radian, the resulting R = 0.00065519654 m, which is way too small and leads to the sharp turn you saw in the resulting path.
To get larger curvature, consider use higher airspeed or lower roll angle. In general, fixedwing UAV cannot fly at 0.1 m/s, which is too slow to generate enough aerodynamic force.

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