How to give target data in nntool or in nnstart?

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I have created dataset of 94 B-scan images (76 training + 18 testing) consists of 3 classes (metal pipe, steel box, plastic box). I have extracted statistical features from images the size of training features is 76*6. and I have assigned labels using traindb.Labels, I can able to load input data as training features from work space but Iam unable to load target data.
My goal is to classify the three objects using NN classifier. I have classified these objects using ECOC-SVM but I'm unable to load target data using nntool. I'm attaching my code and database for your reference. please help me.
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santhosh kumar buddepu
santhosh kumar buddepu on 8 Dec 2021
my labels are 76*1 categorical (metal pipe-19, plastic box-28, steel box-29). I need to classify into 3 classes and my target should be 76*3 which is in the form of
1 1 1....1(19) 0 0 0... (remaining)
0 0 0..0(19) 1 1 1...1(28) 0 0...0(remaining)
0 0 0......0(47) 1 1 1...1(29)
how to make target like this? please help me

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