Read specific column in .txt file

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Amir Shahang
Amir Shahang on 4 Dec 2021
Answered: Yusuf Suer Erdem on 4 Dec 2021

Hi, I have 300*2 txt.file (as X and Y in two columns), I have to separate the first column from the second column and then plot the points. I use dlmread for this but it's doesn't work.

Answers (2)

KSSV on 4 Dec 2021
T = readtable('myfile.txt') ; % also read about load, importdata, textscan
x = T.(1) ;
y = T.(2) ;

Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem on 4 Dec 2021
Hi Amir, try these codes below but make sure you put the 'sample.txt' file that I attached into the same directory. Good luck.
reading = fopen('sample.txt');
formatspec=['%f',repmat('%*f',1,5)]; % 5 represents total columns - 1 the first column
data = textscan(reading,formatspec);
reading = fclose(reading);
data{:} % taking the first column

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