How to implement levmar.h library in matlab

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I have been trying to utilize the levmar-2.6 library of C in matlab but couldn't do it. I was trying to run lmdemo.m but it says
Error in lmdemo (line 19)
[ret, popt, info]=levmar('expfit', 'jacexpfit', p0, x, 200, options, arg);
Can anyone give me a simple example how can i implement C library levmar in matlab to find the optimized parameter value.

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
You can refer to the following documentation to learn about directly calling C library functions from Matlab:
Hope this helps!
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Shashank Rajput
Shashank Rajput on 3 Dec 2021
It is not a inbuilt library of the C but it has been written originally in C only. I need to use this levmar.h library in the Matlab

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