LWIP MQTT not connecting

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Sébastien Trocherie
Sébastien Trocherie on 29 Nov 2021
Answered: Vinod on 31 Dec 2021
I'm using the STM32F746NG discovery board to connect to the thingspeak MQTT broker.
However I can't connect to the server, i'm using dns to get the server ip adres which I then use in the mqtt_client_connect function.
When I get to the callback function the status is 256 (MQTT_CONNECT_DISCONNECTED).
I've had this problem before with a local MQTT broker (mosquitto 2.0), I was able to solve this problem by installing an older version (mosquitto 1.161a).
I'm using the correct credentials because they work in the mqtt_spy application.
Has anyone had this problem before or a sollution for this problem?
With kind regards

Answers (1)

Vinod on 31 Dec 2021
Could you provide more information - what is the client ID of your device? We may be able to look at the server logs given the client ID to provide you some pointers.


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