I need to find the the value of one variable against the other How can I do that ?

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Muhammad Qaisar Fahim
Muhammad Qaisar Fahim on 27 Nov 2021
Edited: the cyclist on 27 Nov 2021
My a variable can take the value A=9075.5 if B=1 and A=5464.8 if B=0. In my function I need to to find the values of A corresponding to the other values of B for example if my function for certain simulations chooses B=0.7 then my function should interpolate and find the corresponding value of A. How can I do that?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 27 Nov 2021
Edited: the cyclist on 27 Nov 2021
You can use the interp1 function:
% Input data
A = [5464.8 9075.5];
B = [0 1];
% Some new value of B:
B_new = 0.7;
% Interpolate
A_new = interp1(B,A,B_new)
A_new = 7.9923e+03
See the documentation I linked for more details on how to use this function.




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