Get specific number of BLE notifications

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I'm writing a script trying to get 10 notifications from a BLE device. The value contiains a char-array which i then want to display (and later save to csv, not implemented).
I want to get the values as soon as they are available and dont want double readings so I thought using the notification feature of BLE might work. I dont know how to use the DataAvailableFcn though. I get this error:
Error using BLETest (line 10)
Invalid value for DataAvailableFcn. Specify [] or a function handle that accepts two inputs.
The MATLAB exaples only use delays and read the data periodicly.
My code looks like this:
clear esp
esp = ble("BLE");
Scanning and connecting to Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices are not supported on Linux.
c = esp.characteristic("41BD8A4C-4E52-11EC-81D3-0242AC130003","17789A04-4E54-11EC-81D3-0242AC130003");
measurements = 10;
for m = 1:measurements
c.DataAvailableFcn = @displayData;
function displayData()
data =;
text = char(data);
m + 1;

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
Hi Lars,
The 'DataAvailableFcn' property should be assigned a Function Handle that accepts two inputs . In the code you have provided, the function 'displayData' does not have any input arguments, and hence the error occurs.




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